Friday, October 4, 2013

A whole months worth!

Well, September flew by! Matt has been really busy getting back into the swing of 2nd grade and a new school year. I started the second week of September back to work for LMC in addition to Lakeland. The kiddos are at a new daycare (which we love and its going great!).  Just a few highlights from the month!
 Matt and Micah on the motorcycle (I'm not sure why the picture is distorted...)
 Swimming at Laukus' house
 The bench Matt made for our entry room
 Melissa was back for a week-we had a girls' afternoon. We think it may be the first time we were all together in 2 years! Us four and the kids
 Church camping weekend! It was our camper's debut
 Braeden turned one! At his party he had a bounce house, which was a huge hit with all the boys! (sorry, also distorted for some reason!)
 Adelie helping with dishes. Next to a similar picture of Micah from November 2010! (both approx 9 mo old)
 Adelie was 9 months old on Wednesday!! Here are a few pictures I took of her in our front yard.

 She had her 9mo well visit today. She only weighed in at 14lb 14oz! Dr Driscoll says she is below the curve, but she has been consistent and she will probably just  end up having a petite build. He estimates she probably won't even get to be as tall as me.... (I'm only 5f 4)
Micah is also officially 3 and a half as of Thursday.

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