Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving and getting a tree

We had a good long weekend off of work. It was sad to have Matt go back to school this morning...only 3 weeks until Christmas break!
 Thanksgiving 2013 (but Friday with theCalhoun/Laber side)
Festive Turkey dress, compliments of Grammy Tami!
 Saturday, Nov 30-Traditional day to go pick out our tree! Micah taking a horse drawn ride to pick out his tree.
 We let Micah pick out the tree this year. This is what he picked. Matt wasn't thrilled-not his first choice. It is short, but full and it made Micah happy!
 Micah in front of his tree
 Getting decorations out-I think we bought these last year for a youth event...
 Funny face reindeer
 Adelie also liked them
 Discovering lights for the first time
 Adelie decorating for her first Christmas!!
 The finished tree!

 December 2-Adelie is 11 months old today!  

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