Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Seven months old

Micah is 7 months old today! Hard to believe. Just a few pics to commemorate the milestone.
Monkeying around
Getting into trouble

First time using a sippy cup

Trying to hoist himself out of the pack and play


  1. Getting into books is good trouble.

  2. Hey guys! Micah is getting so big :) Hope all is well in Saint Joe! I saw the GR half pics here on your blog- we wish we had known Jenny would be running the GR Half marathon, my sister and I ran that too, but it was our first :) Doug ran his second marathon that day too- gotta love running! If either of you want to do the River Bank run in May, let us know and we could see you there and get together/ have you over to our house afterwards-take care! ~Sarah Rau

  3. He's so big!!! I miss you all - wish we were coming to see you sooner :(