Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

What a busy week/weekend! I had my normal work week (7-3 on Wednesday and 7am-7pm on Thursday), so I missed the Zielke Thanksgiving on Thursday. Micah and Matt went over and it sounds like it was a good time! Wish I could have been there.
We did Calhoun Thanksgiving on Friday. I'm glad I still was able to have at least the one Thanksgiving, but still jealous Micah and Matt had two days to devour good food! Cousin Gabe and Micah had a good time playing with each other. Gabe shared his play gym with Micah, and in turn, Micah stole toys from Gabe. They seemed to like interacting with one another!
Bear with me on the pictures-I forget the pictures upload in backwards order. I need to learn to select them backwards so I can get a correct chronological order!
Saturday afternoon-I left him in his nursery for just a few minutes while I did a couple of dishes, and this is where I find him! Yuck!
He got himself tangled in the blanket

Saturday-Daddy and I cut down our Christmas tree!

We are manly men

Thursday-Sporting his Turkey Day gear

Checking each other out

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