Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween week!

A little slow on posting about Halloween...but here it is! On Monday I took Micah into Matt's classroom for some "Fall Centers" (they don't let the kids dress up, but they have a fun day with activities and they go from room to room.)
In Matt's room they read 16 Pumpkins and Micah liked to pretend he was the student and was sitting at the tables. And yes, I dressed him in his outfit, a tease to the students I'm sure!
Later Matt's students had a break and came to the room and Mr. Maier read The Chocolate Touch (with voices and everything!). We were trying to leave, hence Micah's coat, but had to sit on Daddy's lap while reading a story! He is so into books right now!
Monday night we decided to trick-or-treat in my parent's neighborhood. This was right before hitting the streets!
Micah loved the houses he could dig and pick his own candy.
Going up to doors and getting candy. I think he even told this lady that a cow says "boo"
Took a break to go down the slide at the tots park!

Handing me his "punke"-it was getting way too heavy for him. Also Matt had to carry him part of the way because he was going too slow...
Tuesday when I picked Micah up from my mom's, he was out walking the dog! How cute!
Wednesday was a sick day. Not sure what Micah had, but there was a fever and a cough involved.
But here is Thursday, and he is looking his crazy self again!
Friday night we went to my parent's for a birthday dinner for my dad. Jenn, Josh, and Gabe were there, and Jess too. It was cute to see the boys together again!
Busy week! We also got news from the Doctor on Friday and we have medical clearance to start trying for a baby again! Very excited about that news. Please be praying for us!

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