Saturday, December 3, 2011


Wow, I can't beleive it has been a month since I've posted! Here are some pictures to capture some key moments...

The tech-y side of our boy!
Micah had an incident one Sunday afternoon-he wanted to play in the tub, and before we knew it, we found him with a brand new bottle of baby wash, which he somehow opened and poured all over himself!

Micah has a brand new big boy bed! Now, he hasn't slept on it yet, but we will work on that soon. Right now the cats think it's theirs!

Trying out the new bed

LAst Saturday we watched Teague and Finley for a few hours. This is a shot of them when we put in the Elmo DVD...Teague saw it in our video cabinet, and we know we wouldn't here the end of it until it was watched...

Car gazing out the window

Brotherly love

This is how Micah normally plays in his room...everything must come out of the changing table!

TA DA! Matt has graduated the MAster's program! His diploma came in the mail today!!!

This morning we went to cut down our Christmas tree. Micah rode in the tree cart on the way out!

This is our tree!

Kramer's first Christmas...

Micah went on and on about all the "balls" on the tree.

Oh yeah, they love Christmas!

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  1. I'm so excited for Matt. Congrats! I can't how grown up Micah is getting. I need to see you guys soon!