Thursday, January 26, 2012

End of January News

Today finds me (Matt) staying home playing daddy for a boy who has not quite been himself the last couple of days. Micah has started going to daycare, which seems to be a great opportunity for him to interact with kids his age, but is also the best place for him to pick up all kinds of bugs. He was running a 102 temp yesterday and today is too unfit to be able to go back to daycare. This marks the first sick day I have taken in order to care for my boy.

Other news is that Jennie and I are working through our second miscarriage. It's been somewhat surprising and disheartening that we go through this a second time, but we're trusting God through it all. Through this we are reminded what a blessing we have been given in the form of our "healthy" son, Micah. We have been experiencing first hand empathy and compassion by many who have shared similar experiences in their own lives. Be praying for us down the road that we will trust God to work things out, as we are learning this is a matter completely out of our hands.

Jennie has started another round of teaching as an LMC clinical instructor. This means we are in a period of time where we are working many hours. She still has some shifts on her floor for nursing, I of course am teaching, and then coaching after school hours. We are trying to make the most out of every opportunity we have to spend as a family. Weekends are proving to be precious time.

Some pictures / video of the last few weeks:

Lovin' his ball pit.
Then Kramer ate the ball pit!
Snow day. Ready to play!
All bundled up.

Making a trek up the driveway.

... and it tastes good too!

Did another academic "beard" challenge for my 2nd grade students. Got to sport a nice chinstrap-fu manchu-soul patch thing for a day. Not sure what Micah thought of it. Jennie's not too crazy about her younger looking husband either. I think I'm making her feel like a cougar! Hard to believe I had been wearing the beard for about 2 years! Of course my mom didn't even notice it was gone.

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  1. oh, I was just able to watch the video of Micah....I miss the little squirt so much!!!