Saturday, January 7, 2012

Our Cruise!

For those who don't know, we just got back yesterday from a 4 day cruise in the Bahamas!

Packing for our cruise-Micah wearing Matt's goggles! He loved them!

First night of the cruise, at the theatre. I loved how they had a show every night. There was always something to do!

Tuesday night was formal wear dinner night. We had our picture taken in front of the centrum and Christmas tree.

Our stateroom attendant made a pig out of our towels

Wednesday, getting off the ship in Nassau, Bahamas. It was a really chilly day, if you couldn't tell! I believe the high was only 60 or so!

Took a pic in front of this store, mainly fo rAunt Krys! We didn't actually eat here, but we would have if the wait hadn't been so long.

The Hard Rock Cafe in NAssau!

We laid on the beach for awhile, though it was so overcast we didn't swim or take our sweatshirts off!

Yes, that is an ambulance in fron tof Mc Donalds!

The Hilton of Nassau

We ate here instead. It was a little place called Sharkees. Beautiful view of the harbor

View off the balcony at Sharkees. You can't tell from here, but they are absolutely crazy drivers in the bahamas. They all really enjoy honking their horns!

Tried Conch fritters for lunch. We were told they were a specialty of the Bahamas. Fairly tasty. Like a deep fride fish dumpling.

View of Paradise Island, Bahamas. The bulding to the right has the connecting archway. this is called the Michael Jackson suite. It is a 10 bedroom condo that anyone can rent. For $25,000 a night, with a minimum of 4 night stay! Nuts!

We booked a snorkling excursion this day. It was soooo cold!

Thursday our ship stopped at Cocoa Cay, a private island exclusive for the Royal Carribean ship. This day was warmer, highs in the mid seventies. The beach and water were beautiful! We spent most of the day just relaxing in beach chairs, reading in the sun!

We walked out in the water quite a ways. It was very shallow in some places, and a sandbar way out. Matt found these two conch shells, still with the little critters inside!

We went on a nature trail around the island and encountered this huge lizard.

On the nature trail

Took a kayak out in the afternoon. Only for about 30- minutes though. They didn't allow you to go to far from shore :(

A view of our ship from the island. We took little ships in to the island.

We arrived back hom eFriday evening around 7pm, and picked up Micah from Grammy and Grandpa's house. As much frun as a cruise and vacation away from Micah was a good time, we missed him so much! It is so good to be home with him again! Great vacation, but glad to be home!

And here is Micah, we finally blew up his ball pit. He is so obsessed with all the balls. He had them all in his bed with him, and acted like he was swimming in them!

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  1. I'm glad you guys got to have a great vacation!!! We went on a cruise once and LOVED it. What a priceless time together!