Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The last month...

 Happy Fall!  Sorry there has been such a delay in posts. To make a long story short, our computer has been on the fritz with the internet, and the camera wouldn't upload pictures on Matt's laptop...I finally got creative with copying and pasting.  So there is a lot to catch up on!
 Middle of October, we took Micah to his first movie in the theater.  We saw Despicable Me.  He was surprisingly good, even if he sat on my lap most of the movie!  He was scared at times just because it was so big and so loud. We went all out and he even had his own little bag of popcorn!
 Every year in the fall we take a walk at Grand Mere State Park. This was our third year.  We went on a Sunday afternoon mid-October, and it was a beautiful day!

 One of Micah's favorite things to do at daycare is play with playdough.  We don't have any in the house, so I thought I would be all homemaker and make some.  It is a little stickier than desired, even with extra flour, but he was enjoying playing in it with cookie cutters.  Epic fail-I went to take a shower and came back and he was standing on the playdough, on my rug....
 It was a great month of watching the Tigers. Matt even went to a playoff game.  This pumpkin was donated to us by a few in our awesome youth group! Very talented, and they didn't want to take it home.  Unfortunately it didn't bring the Tigers any luck in the world series...
 Halloween!  We were able to dress up three times...the first two times as Elmo, Bert and Ernie.
 We borrowed ketchup and mustard costumes from our friends, so I scored a great deal on a hot dog costume for Micah online!  On Halloween, we went to church were we had our annual fall family fun fair and this year introduced Trunk or Treat.
 My Boys!
 Micah has been really into his animals, or "babies".  He made me take a picture of him with each baby-he would wrap them in the blanket, rock them, and sing "rock-a-baby, treetop". I think he will be a good big brother!
 As of last Friday (Nov 2), we are 31 weeks pregnant!
 We watched Braeden last Saturday night, which was so fun! Micah was very interested.  Micah used his bouncy seat for his babies again....hehe.  Matt enjoyed rocking Braeden to sleep.
 After two months, Micah and our closets are done!!!!!  Micah's closet is first...old closet on the left, new and improved on the right! Next is our bedroom closet, same with old and new! Very happy with the final results!!

Whew! I will try not to wait so long between posts this time.  Happy November! Turkey Day is just around the corner!!

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