Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nature Walk

Last Wednesday, Matt took us to a lake he found in Grand Mere that he never knew was there.  We walked around the lake, which is almost in the valley, hills surrounding on every side!
 Decided to take my "34 week" picture with the beautiful background (really I was 33 weeks and 5 days)

 Over Thanksgiving weekend, Matt sanded the basement.  No, he isn't wearing long sleeves!  Drywall is primed, hoping to paint sometime soon! Will post an update later.
 My Black Friday present-a Kindle Fire HD!  I love it.  We put a lot of apps for Micah on it. So far his favorites are Super Why, a farm game, and an alphabet game.  But his absolute favorite??  Playing Angry Birds with Daddy!!!  He is quite good actually.
One of my students brought this for me today! Her mom owns Nature's Market in Holland and is knowledgeable about herbs in pregnancy.  Organic pregnancy tea and red raspberry leaf tea to help tone the uterus and make for an easier labor and delivery!  Ok, the coconut water has nothing to do with pregnancy, but we were talking about it at clinical on Tuesday and I really wanted to try it!
Thanks Liz!

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