Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gifts for Adelie and other kid pics

My last day at LMC for the semester was today. I really enjoy the work, but its also nice when its done...because it means our due date is even closer! Now it is just Lakeland work until she is born.  The full time nursing faculty gave me a gift today for Adelie!  So cute! And the U of M book is specifically from Kathleen who graduated at U of M nursing a few years before me! Thanks ladies!
 My mom came by this afternoon with Rudy who is spending the night, but also she finished Adelie's quilt!  Piggies!  I absolutely love it.  You can't see it, but in the brown lines her name is quilted in.  So special that each of my babies have a handmade quilt from Grammy that they can always have!  Thanks mom, they are truly special and will be cherished! (Funny, also under the quilt is our wedding quilt she made...also a very special gift we love and will always have!!) You are awesome Mom/Grammy!
 Kramer was getting on painting the basement. Why are our cats so weird??
 Naked Christmas tree pic.  Goober!

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