Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve!

We love this time of year! Adelie has not yet joined us, and we are still, not so patiently! But we put her stocking up on the mantle with the family's.  We opened our stocking this morning since we will be with family tonight and tomorrow.
 He was pretty excited to be getting "kessants" (presents).  We told him Santa is coming tonight...not sure how much he understands.  We watched a Veggie Tales Christmas movie with him last night. He knows Christmas is when baby Jesus was born.  So proud of this little man!

 Wanted to show an update of our basement so far, since I probably won't be posting much about it and/or no one will care so much when A is born!
So here is the laundry room (still has stuff piled up in it!)
 Bathroom-Matt doing wall tile last night
 Finished wall tile in bathroom-beautiful!


  1. So exciting the basement is almost done!!!

  2. Oh my it looks awesome! Do u remember what color blue the bedroom is? I love it!