Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy new year

Yep, posting about the new year on January 10th! Well, it would have been last night, but the video was taking forever to upload. Still having issues today with the video, so I will try to get it up as soon as I can!
We rang in the new year at our friend Anna's house with some friends. We were playing games and turned on the tv just as the countdown for the dropping ball was at 6...good timing! Josh, Jenn and Gabe were in town on the first, and we had yet another Calhoun Christmas. It was fun to see the boys interact again.
Matt went back to school after break on Jan 3rd...we enjoyed having him home way too much. I took advantage of Daddy while he was home and was able to get out of the house without Micah several times to get things done or hang out with friends. Matt really missed Micah that first week back.
Things are starting back up for me as well. I think we were off from BSF for at least 4 weeks, so tonight is my first time back in awhile. Also tomorrow I start teaching clinical rotations for LMC first year nursing students. A little nervous still, but hopefully all will go well.
Bufous enjoying the snow. He was the one who wanted to go out.
Micah helping Mama prepare for clinicals

Proud of all the work he accomplished

Dressed up and ready for snow

Didn't like it very much

Inspecting the pine tree

Was ok only when on Daddy's shoulders

Doing some pull-ups before bed!

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  1. Didn't like the snow? You'll have to get hima sled and pull him around. I'm sure he'll like that.