Thursday, January 17, 2013

2 week update

I can't believe Adelie is two weeks old already.  Adjusting is still taking place at our house.  Micah does like to times. Other times he is especially whiny, clingy, and sensitive.  We will get there, and there will be a time that he doesn't remember life without her!  
 Saturday, Jan 5
 Sunday, Jan 6
 Tuesday, Jan 7-Adelie had her initial check-up at Dr Driscoll's office.  In 6 days, she gained 7 oz!  Dr Driscoll was impressed. Our little girl likes to eat!
 Wednesday, Jan 8

Thursday, Jan 9-Went to Matt's classroom to introduce Adelie to his class, and hung out in the teacher's lounge for a time for the teacher's to get their baby fix.
 Micah is using a hooter hider, he told me he was nursing his frog! 
He will even stop and say "Other side now"
 Sunday, Jan 13
 Micah loves holding his little sister
 Sneak a picture of out Kramer being ridiculous, as usual
 Monday, Jan 14-fireplace fiasco
Micah wanted to build a fire. Two minutes of unsupervised time, and we find him with ashes all over him and all over the carpet-which I had just vacuumed!
 Wednesday, Jan 16- 2 week check-up at Dr Driscoll's: Adelie weighs 7 lb 2 oz! That is a 13 oz gain from birth weight (initially most newborns lose weight, and they like to see them back to their birth weight by 2 weeks!). She is now 20in and head circumference is 14in.  She is riding along the 20-25% curve (Micah has never made it past 15%!)  Dr says she is looking great!
 Thursday, Jan 17-Micah wanted to hold Adelie again
She started crying, and suddenly Micah didn't want anything to do with her! Really have to watch him with her still, but I think he is getting the hang of the big brother role!

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  1. That is so funny about Micah wanting to make a fire! And him not wanting anything to do with Addy when she starts crying, lol...typical male. ;)