Saturday, January 5, 2013

Adelie is here!

Adelie Jane
Born January 2nd, 5:25am
6lb, 5oz, 19in long

Moments after delivery
 Good set of lungs!
 Proud parents!
 being weighed-it says 6lb 4.8 oz, but they rounded to 5
 Micah meeting his baby sister for the first time
Later he said "I love her"

 First family photo
 Giving Adelie kisses
 Her first bow :)
 Friday 2:30pm-ready to go home!!

 I'm ready mom!

Kramer is very intrigued...Matt said he didn't know we had twins! He wants to be the baby again

 Milk coma
 Micah wanted to help feed her.  I had just pumped and she decided she was hungry again. She is a little eater!  Micah is getting used to me breastfeeding her. He has been talking about more anatomical terms than necessary in we are teaching him that Mommy is nursing Adelie
 These got a little out of order-Friday going home
Still adjusting, but we are so happy!  

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  1. Congratulations! So cute! She was born on Max's birthday.