Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Flashback to Christmas!
Christmas Eve at Grandma and Papa Maier's-getting into his stocking
 More stocking goodies-he got a snowglobe! He loves making it snow
 Christmas morning at Grammy and Papa Calhoun's
Look at all those stockings!!!  Micah recognizes his
 Opening his stocking-lots of M&M's, yum!
 Mr. Potato heads that dress up as Woody and Buzz from Toy Story-instant love from Micah! Thanks Aunt Jess and Uncle Myke!
 And oh my, Grammy bought him his own Buzz Lightyear!!!

 After Christmas we had a good snow, and Micah insisted in going out to play in it!
 Little Missy is still not making her appearance.  This is Monday, New Year's Eve-
39 weeks and 3 days.
Approaching official due date this Friday

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